Kitchen Rewiring

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home if you’re undergoing a complete kitchen refurb or are looking to install extra electrical sockets and appliances, the design is vitally important to utilise and so it can be enjoyed later on, so it’s definitely worth spending some time carefully planning it. Locating the kitchen appliances will be one of the first things in the design process.

Whilst appliances such as the washing machine, fridge and dishwasher will be plugged into an ordinary 13Amp socket outlet, it is common to have these sockets concealed below worktop surfaces or behind cabinets, then have separate fused outlets to isolate them hidden away in an accessible location within the kitchen units. Many electricians decide to install these fused spurs above the kitchen counter, but we believe that they can cause the kitchen to look cluttered with electrical outlets and will leave more room for general preparation and use.

It’s so important to design the kitchen lighting with true care and diligence. It helps with mood and comfort in the kitchen and there are also practical considerations.
While you may eat at a dining table in the kitchen you must consider the time you’ll be preparing meals, washing up, maybe even a spot of laundry, possibly sitting with your laptop or tablet.

The kitchen can often be a multi-function room within the family home and the correct lighting levels are essential for your comfort and feel-good factor. At GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we can methodically design the lighting in many ways to suit your kitchen, for example, under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen is a striking choice that lifts a space by adding visual appeal and ambience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an honest and professional kitchen design.

Extensions Rewiring

In this current climate, most people are choosing to improve their homes, rather than relocate. Whether this means extending around the house or a loft conversion, the work is extensive and the electrical installation should be very detailed.

It is almost certain that you will require additional power and lighting.
It might be that power and lighting can be supplied via existing circuits or it could be that a new consumer unit is required. Here at GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL, we ensure to give you the best and most appropriate advice for your home.

Full Rewire

After a number of years, the electrical installation in a domestic property suffers from general deterioration. In this instance, a FULL REWIRE of the house may be recommended. An EICR will normally identify and notify the homeowner of any unsafe or major faults within the installation. A full rewire usually takes place when major building work such as an extension or conversion is being carried out. This is due to the nature of disruption involved such as ripping up floorboards and chasing out walls. Undertaking a full rewire will mean all cabling throughout the property is brought up to date.

Upgrading the electrics also means you can add extra power points to the room. Many people in this position take the opportunity to replace single socket outlets with double ones or as is more common now – sockets with USB ports and WiFi boosters built-in. If you really want to add that extra touch to your rewire you might want to consider smart home technology which allows for lights, entertainment, blinds and security to be controlled at the touch of a button on a tablet computer or smartphone.

At GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we take pride in our environmentally conscious FULL REWIRES. We enjoy designing and installing them with our imaginative team of electrical engineers. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information.

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