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Lighting Design

Light is the most important factor in a room, yet it is frequently overlooked. Great lighting design alters perceptions of light and space, creating focal points, and creating moods or enabling tasks. Great lighting design probably has the biggest impact on a space after great architecture. It is both an art and a science, it requires both creative flair and mastery of a varied, complex and continually evolving set of disciplines. Critically it’s also about really understanding each client, and being able to help them transform their aspirations and dreams into reality.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting design needs to have the most flexible interior lighting scheme in the home to reflect the wide range of functions which kitchens are now used for. Kitchen lighting needs to adapt from a bright, general light for the day, especially in dark kitchens as a supplement to daylight, to children’s tea and home work at dusk, to an intimate light for dining in the evening. Good positioning of light fittings is key to achieve this.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting can have a massive impact and should be planned early to ensure all key fittings are illuminated properly. Aim for sufficient task lighting in the shower and vanity areas, plus ambient lighting around the bath and in alcoves and niches. Top bathroom lighting can change the look and feel of a bathroom at the flick of a switch. It can allow you to achieve a ‘get up and go feeling’ in the morning to a more “spa-like” feel for relaxing in the evening.

At GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we offer a bespoke lighting design service to ensure that you have the right lighting for the right task. We will help you design a scheme that will bring out the key features of your home and make your space come to life at night. Our passion in featured lighting designs can be seen in our previous projects from garden spike lighting, under cupboard lighting, floor washing lights and up lighting designs. We continue to strive further by attending luxury lighting workshops to educate our lighting techniques further.

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