Intruder Alarms

The harsh reality of life is that burglaries happen. It is proven that unfortunately, 8 of every 1000 people will be a victim of burglary. By installing a BURGLAR ALARM, this acts as the main deterrent to keeping burglars away and provides maximum security for your property. From wireless to hard wired systems, the security industry is constantly benefiting from the latest advances of modern technology. At GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we will ensure to deliver the best Intruder Alarm system to provide the highest security to suit your exact requirements.

Door Entry

A Door Entry system is a critical component for your home or business security infrastructure. It can be served as a doorbell, or intercom system to give control over all people entering the premises. It allows you to give access to authorised personnel and also deny access to any unexpected individuals securely. This also acts as the first point of security and identification for all guests wanting to enter. At GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we will help you decide the best products for your Door Entry system that will protect you from intruders.

Fire Alarm

A Fire Alarm system is now considered to be one of the best and sufficient means of providing an early warning of a potential fire. They consist of a multiple number of devices working together to detect when smoke, fire or carbon monoxide are present. In the event of an emergency, the occupants are notified through audio and visual appliances and must take immediate action.

It is critical to install a Fire Alarm and at GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we will analyse and design a system that is fit for purpose in both domestic or commercial premises. The right Fire Alarm system will keep people safer and may also reduce damage to your building.

Ring Home Security

Ring have now produced the most modern and advanced products to protect your home and watch over what’s important from your phone. From video doorbells, indoor and outdoor security cameras, alarm systems and more.

Ring Video Doorbell: there are 5 types of Ring Video Doorbells, all provide the same level of security, with specifications that differ slightly. Get instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built in motion sensors. You are also able to see, hear and speak to guests from your smartphone or tablet.

Ring Alarms: the new released Ring Alarm security system brings the power of smart accessories to create a connected, Intelligent home security system. By attaching sensors to doors, windows or walls, pair them up and your family, pets and property will all be protected.

Ring Security Cameras: add security anywhere, inside and out. The Ring Security Cameras can be installed where you need it and be moved when you need it to. Place it on a flat surface for flexibility or mount it to a wall for a permanent solution. With Ring Security Cameras you’ll always be connected to your home at anytime.

At GREEN EARTH ELECTRICAL we have installed many Ring products, from the door bells to the new released home security cameras. With our experience we can design and install the best system to secure your home and keep any unwanted intruders away. These products must be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable straight to your router or WiFi. Each unit requires power, which can be hard wired or battery operated. Our competent specialists will discuss the best options suitable for you to ensure your home is always protected even when your not there.

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